GS environ

Live blogging at the moment at the GS – Marlborough is an old hotel. It’s dark here, both physically and, as I perceive, spiritually. I feel the oppression here, physically aware of it…..prayers please…..

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  2. faithwalk says:

    Prayers are going up for you Peter, right now in Jesus name! May the blood of Jesus Christ protect and cover you, spirit, mind, body and soul, and may He sharpen your discernment, ever revealing to you that which needs to be seen.

    The peace of the Lord be yours, His grace, His love, His mercy and strength. He is Faithful and True, may your heart and mind be kept firmly and steadfastly in Christ Jesus, ever and always in Him!

    Blessing to you Peter! Know that prayer will continue…


  3. white rabbit says:

    Oh! Peter! Your no fun. Of course it is dark at a gathering of very modern priests but “that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” (2nd Thess 2:3) Remember when the butler (the naughty on that was friendly with Diana) told us how the queen had once warned him that there are dark powers out there that you are not aware of? But it will all be right in the end. Just stay with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – as you are.


  4. Diana says:

    I pray for you all at Essentials, and may everyone look into their hearts and discern the spirits within.
    God bless you and may a calmness descend on you Peter as in the centre of a tornado during this exacting time.


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