Personal observations from General Synod

A couple of things for thought and prayer, not the time to make this look too pretty…

1) Cracking thunderstorm last night here in Winnipeg, seemed to me that what was going on in the physical was only emulating the spiritual…

2) Opposition alive and well, after hotel decided to conduct air conditioning maintenance at 3am with waking the dead apparently an objective. Good news, the Lord reigns!

Thought you might like the picture, sort of sets the scene really….

Scene 1

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4 Responses to Personal observations from General Synod

  1. Marg Ellen says:

    Welcome to the place of my birth, Pete! Jo and I are getting together for prayer this morning. Will pray against all opposition.


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  3. Diana says:

    Thanks for all the photos Peter. I don’t know how to comment on that site but I can here so here goes. Light, darkness and a feeling of past history comes to me from your pictures. You have taken on something here, so my encircling prayers are with you at this time.


  4. faithwalk says:

    Funny thing that… it “seemed to me that what was going on in the physical was only emulating the spiritual…” yes, I have seen this on several occasions.

    As the veil thins we will see much, much more manifestations in the natural reflecting that which is going on in the spiritual. It already happens all of the time, we just don’t often recognize it!

    Blessings to you Peter, you have been in my thoughts and prayers!



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