The Story

I write this choice on your hearts,
Life, or Death,
Hope, or Despair,
In the ink of eternity.

What I write,
No man can erase,
I wrote the stars,
I can write your heart.

When the story that is being written,
Is opened, and read,
Where will you be?
The story, from which all stories are written,
Where will you be?

Be not deceived,
As I am the Author,
So also the Perfecter,
The story is Mine.

So, what part will you play?
As the story is written,
The choice is given you,
To write with Me,
Or to write that which will fail.

To write letters on the ground in pale ash,
Now here, now blown away in a swirl of wind.

Or to write letters in fire,
Burned into the soul of the universe,
Letters that will pass into eternity,
For nothing perishes that resides in Me.


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6 Responses to The Story

  1. amy says:

    i stumbled on to your site through a friend. a good site I must add…thank you.


  2. Peter says:

    Welcome Amy, and I’m glad you like the site.




  3. faithwalk says:

    HELLO PETER!!! or should I start calling you Pete ? πŸ™‚

    We just returned from three days at Northumbria and we both LOVED it! Rebecca and Martin are wonderful ( !!! ) we had a long visit with them last night, and I spent some time with Becca visiting besides as well. Even got to see a family picture ( which you never sent by the way, tsk tsk…) πŸ˜‰ and pics from their trip to Calgary. You have a Beautiful family!

    Well I only have a minute but I wanted to say hi! I wish I could read the rest of your blog but alas, time does not permit 😦

    But once again another good word…

    Abundant blessings to you and Ruthy in Jesus love and grace,
    You are often in my thoughts and prayers.



  4. timbob says:

    Greetings. Awesome and very thought provoking post. Thanks for always posting something that stirs and encourages us to reflect on our great salvation. To bring praise and glory to Jesus Christ; the Author and finisher of our faith.

    have a blessed weekend in Christ.



  5. Peter says:

    Hi Susan – I answer to either. πŸ™‚ Glad you met some of the family and that Northumbia went well. You’ll have to send me an email, oh and yes I will send you that picture…just as soon as I have a moment…. πŸ™‚

    Hi timbob – I’m glad it spoke to you, it seems that as if in our lives we think we will be able to write for ever, or that we can write in multiple places. Of course, many people are stripped of this delusion…but for them too late. We need to know the reality, now.




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