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$5000 Fine Sought For Christian Marriage Commissioner Who Declined Gay Couple
Also must pay own legal costs and would be liable for all court costs if he loses

By Hilary White

SASKATOON, April 19, 2007 ( – A Canadian Christian civil marriage commissioner in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Orville Nichols, could face up to $5000 in fines for having referred a homosexual couple to a different commissioner.

Human Rights Commission lawyer Janice Gingell asked the tribunal to find that Nichols contravened the code and order him to pay $5,000 in compensation to the complainant.

The 70 year-old Mr. Nichols used a clearly religious-based conscience argument for his refusal, saying his faith guides his daily life, that he prays and reads the Bible every day. He told the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal that his faith “takes first place” in his life. He said, “I couldn’t sleep or live with myself if I were to perform same-sex marriages.”

The other commissioner to whom the two men were referred performed the ceremony on the same date they requested of Mr. Nichols.

Nichols has said that he will not be among those who resign their commissions over the issue and that he is willing to take the matter to court. In Canadian Human Rights Tribunal cases, the party defending against a complaint is under a large disadvantage.

While the government pays the costs of the complainant, the defendant must cover his own expenses and if the ruling goes against him, is normally charged with all the costs. Further costs are incurred if he should try to bring the matter to a legal court.

The Tribunal, which is not under standard rules of evidence or judicial procedures, has yet to render a decision, though thus far, in most decisions in cases of this kind, the outcome has favoured the homosexual activists over religious conscientious objectors.

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6 Responses to Persecution

  1. mcalmond says:

    And so it continues! May the Lord give this wonderful man strength and courage as well as favor in and through this process. May others, of the Lord Jesus Christ around him, arise and under gird him in prayer and faithful support, regardless of the outcome of this.

    I wonder how many of us would have compromised here? I wonder how many would have thought of ourselves first, when thinking of the consequences, real and potential, here? I wonder, how many of us would have actual stood for what we profess to believe, in spirit and truth? I wonder?

    Thank you for this post Peter.

    Every Blessing to you and yours, in the Lord Jesus Christ!


  2. Matthew says:

    Not unexpected, but it is heartening to know some remain that will not bend the knee before the secular state.

    The implications for clergy are significant as well. The only difference between a commissioner and a clergy license to marry is that the religious denomination recommends clergy to the province. While the past federal government said no clergy would be compelled to marry against their beliefs, the Supreme Court opinion was that marriage was a provincial matter, and federal law did not apply.

    A Baptist pastor friend turned in his license to marry the day the redefinition of marriage bill was passed.


  3. white rabbit says:

    This is a good opportunity for Christians who have either left the church because of pro homosexual teachings or have reduced contributions to the church or feel strongly on the issue to send the old guy a couple of bucks. I am sure a thousand of us could each give $20. Sorry, just joking; my after work “nightcap” just kicked in. I wouldn’t expect today’s Christian to actually do anything. But if Peter wants to open a fund for the man I’ll give $20.


  4. Peter says:

    It’s certainly worth keeping this kind of test case in your prayers. And, indeed, financial supprot too, though I don’t know how to go about that or whether there is something set up already?


  5. faithwalk says:

    Somehow I missed this one. Wow, bless his heart for taking a stand; may the Lord be with him. I was reading earlier today more on the SORs in N. Ireland and the UK.
    The governor of our neighboring state ( Washington ) just signed legislation granting all cohabiting couples basically the same legal status and rights as married couples.
    We are only a breath away from persecution on a broader scale, everywhere.
    Such is the day in which we live.


  6. Peter says:

    Indeed it is so….




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