I will arise and go to Jesus

Come ye weary, heavy laden
Lost and ruined by the fall
If you tarry ’til you’re better
You will never come at all

Come ye sinner, poor and needy
Weak and wounded, sick and sore
Jesus, ready, stands to save you
Full of pity, love and power

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7 Responses to I will arise and go to Jesus

  1. timbob says:

    Greetings. Thanks for the thought which is all so true.

    Have a blessed evening in Christ.



  2. Faithwalk says:

    This s a great hymn; have you heard Todd Agnews version? really nice.
    Oh, and have you ever heard Iona ( Irish christian rock , sort of ) ?
    Always wanted to ask but never could remember.

    Blessings to you Peter!


  3. mcalmond says:

    Yes, let us always arise and go to Jesus!

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!


  4. Peter says:

    The version I am listening to at the moment is on one of the albums produced by Nick and Anita Haigh, companions of Northumbria community. The words hit home….



    PS – We have Iona albums. And funnily enough, my brother in law Martin is with them shortly on tour, as the drummer (he’s a professional drummer). Small world 🙂


  5. faithwalk says:

    Small world indeed! 🙂


  6. Shirley says:

    No better place—I say NO BETTER PLACE—to go than to Jesus.

    Shirley Buxton


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