Spring in Calgary

How do you know it’s Spring in Calgary? When you get every kind of weather within a 24 hour period.

Sunday was a great day, with sun and temps of 17c, and was followed overnight by a powerful (warm) Chinook, with winds gusting to 80kmph. Both were enough to pretty much remove any lasting snowpack. Comes Monday morning and we get a rainshower, everything warms up again and the kids are playing outside in t-shirts. Winter is over……not so fast. Between 2pm and 3pm the wind swung to the North and the temperature dropped 10c. By 6pm the snow started up and the temperature continued to fall. Currently we are at -6c with more than 3″ of snow back on the ground.

Yup, we are definitely into Spring here!

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6 Responses to Spring in Calgary

  1. padraic says:

    O Canada…….
    (Spent a good bit of time in Lethbridge when I was younger,in Summer,winter and fall)


  2. Peter says:

    But not spring??

    Mind you Spring is just a mix of all other seasons, heh

    Now -5c and sunny….


  3. faithwalk says:

    And I thought our weather changed a lot; wow! yours takes the cake, wins the prize and whatever other colloquialism fits 🙂

    Enjoy the snow if you still have any.. things are starting to bloom here. If I can figure out how I just may post a photo of the blossoming plum tress; quite lovely!

    Bless you Peter!


  4. Peter says:

    And also with you 🙂

    Snow comes and goes here, at least until May. And sometimes over the summer too, ahem.


  5. cumby says:

    Wednesday, here in Maryland, it was almost 70 degrees. Earlier this week it was raining cats and dogs. Last night it snowed eight inches. Out here we call the ‘robin snow.’


  6. Peter says:

    You never know, eh? Spring is such a funny time. However, I’ll see you that and raise you ‘snow in July’ 🙂


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