Bloggers block

Ever had one of those times when you’re trying to say something in a post, but it you never work out exactly how to say it, or even whether it’s something that should be said? That’s me, this week.

I think it’s possible that one little post may make it’s way to the surface shortly, over the wreckage of three others. 😉

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6 Responses to Bloggers block

  1. faithwalk says:

    Peter, at least you have the common sense not to write when you’re blocked! 🙂
    Something I have not always exercised, common sense that is.

    It seems there has been a spiritual fog week for several I have talked to… for me coupled with some severe sleep deprivation; not a good thing!

    May the Lord lift the fog in those of us affected and may He unblock your blogging!

    I will pray for you.

    Every Blessing to you Peter! Our God is Faithful indeed!


  2. faithwalk says:

    Good heavens, upon re reading this I see the fog is still plaguing me…
    this week…
    Still a bit of backlash from Monday.
    But at least I slept well last night.

    Time to exercise commonsense and write no more for now.

    Blessings again!


  3. faithwalk says:

    I will be looking for that one little post…!


  4. Peter says:

    Well, I dont know if I have common sense, I still write, get frustrated, write some more then after a long time just delete it. Wisdom might be not even starting to blog! 😉

    May you be protected under His covering and the fog lifted. Oh, and get many good nights sleep!


  5. joseph says:

    I think of “expression block”; the thought is there – but how is it going to see the light of day? I suspect many of us have had similar experiences.


  6. Peter says:

    I guess – it’s just something us long-suffering bloggers have to put up with (sigh) for our audiences (puts hand to forehead in suitably dramatic fashion)



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