The price of conceit

This is the day when the vote is made as to whether to revisit same-sex marriage in Canada.  It is widely predicted to be a non-event.  That may well be the case, unfortunately.  The question then will be, what cost?  What will be the cost of our overweening pride and arrogance, our hubris, our overbearing conceit as we willfully abandon this ‘outdated concept’? In the words of one commenter:

Now, the traditional definition of marriage — man and woman to the exclusion of all others — has been relegated to the bins of history filled with outdated concepts like suffrage, the death penalty, residential schools and the Chinese head tax.

That we would so willingly break societal foundations is only an indication of how morally bankrupt we are, adrift on a sea of inclusive relativity, bereft of any sort of direction or compass.  There is a phrase about sowing to the wind.  How long can it be before we reap the whirlwind? 

Except by the mercy of God, we will drink the cup of judgment to the full, and go to our own personal hells, all the while declaring our undying inclusiveness.  May the Lord in His mercy forgive us and redeem us!

I have a word given a while ago to those who had the monumental hubris to spit in the face of God.  I’ll update this post later with those words.

Today should be a day of mourning.

UPDATE Here is that word I promised:

A testimony to the Canadian leaders
26th January 2005

You will be held accountable.
Mark My words.
You will be held accountable.
I will not be mocked.

Do you think that you can tear up my laws?
Turn the world asunder?
Proclaim black is white?
Tear the nation apart as a feast for devils?

Your arrogance be on your own head!
Mark My words.
You, I will hold accountable.
I the Lord have spoken.

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4 Responses to The price of conceit

  1. Pauline Bettney says:

    I mourn with you.


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  3. padraic says:

    Recently I was reading 2 Chronicles 36 and was struck by verses 11 through 18,most profoundly by (1)the young king who rebelled against both God and Nebuchanezzar,devoid of humility when faced with the prophet who gave the word of the Lord(verses 11-13)to the point of stiffening his neck and hardening his heart.
    (2)This attitude was manifested by the priesthood and officials in unfaithfulness and desecration of the temple.(14)
    (3)God remained faithful,kept sending prophets,continued to have compassion on them(15)
    (4)They continued to mock and disdain and despise His word and spokesmen and Him.
    He sent His judgment(16)
    I don’t whether it applies to Canada and the US but I believe that it does to the Anglican Church in Canada and especially the Episcopal church in the US


  4. Peter says:

    I see ancient Israels’ path mirrored in our current culture, and yes, indeed, church. I think God is purifying the church – and I do not mean a false purity, but the purity that comes from God.


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