There are none so blind….

I read an article recently on adoption, and this part stood out.

Penny Green, an ex-charity worker from Bedfordshire, created the Facebook group for people who were born or have a link to The Haven, a mother and baby home run by the Baptist Church, after being born there herself.

The 62-year-old explained unmarried mums applied to go there to give birth and their babies were adopted – often forcibly.

“The theory was back then that they were doing all these unmarried mums a favour because it was not the done thing to be an unmarried mother,” she said.

We don’t suffer the sins of the 1960s. No, these days we take care of the problem at source… What it is to be a more enlightened generation!

Next on the list of enlightenment, simple injections to take all the pain away, for ever. The Netherlands and Canada have shown us the way.

So much suffering taken care of so cleanly, so efficiently.

All it costs is our humanity.

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