Diamond and graphite

As a Christian, what does your life look like? Like this?

Or this?

They are both made out of the same element, but with radically different properties.

The former is made up of many different layers, but the bonds between the layers are weak, allowing them to easily slide off each other. The latter is an interconnected network, with immense strength within every bond.

Are you a graphite Christian, or a diamond Christian?

One who had a different persona depending on where you are – one at Church, another at home, another at work, another with your mates? Soft, malleable and easily broken?

Or…are you being formed in heat and pressure such that all the bonds that hold your life together are infused with the strength of Christ? To be someone who can walk with integrity and make a mark on the world?

It’s the same basic element, but what is formed is radically different in character and outcome. And only one of these is fit for purpose in the coming days.

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