The dividing line

A year ago, I wrote a Storm Warning. This was the word I was given for that post:

My Church, you are going to Prepare one way or the other. Either you will Prepare to endure the coming storm, or you will Prepare to surrender. There will be no middle way. All will come to the decision point – to walk the path I trod, or to turn away.

Let us be clear, preparation is not just an active thing. It is equally a consequence of passivity. Were the foolish virgins’ denied entry to the wedding feast by their actions? No, rather they did nothing, they just went along with little focus on what was important.

Now, please don’t mistake me. There is no salvation by works, and this is not to exhort us to try harder, do more. That is a trap and a snare, by which many religious become bound. But it is to recognise we have choices – how do we spend our time, where to we invest our money, what are our priorities? Are we renewing our spiritual minds or allowing them to rust up through neglect?

When the time of decision, the dividing line, comes – where our heart lies will dictate the decision we make. For a dividing line comes, separating the Church from the worldly imposter. Events will continue and intensify and will serve to bring us to that decision point. When it comes, our preparation will already have been made. Do not leave matters until that time, rather purchase oil without cost while it can be found!

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