Solid Ground

For some countries at least, the end of the coronavirus pandemic is in view and the restrictions that have so chafed us over the last year are beginning to be loosed. At last – we can get back to normal! The vaccines have saved us!

For a short time at least, we were shaken, and maybe started looking towards a security or reality greater than our own. But now, with the salvific power of the vaccine, we have an idol that will again comfort us, and allow us to go back to our slumber.

But it will not be that way. Events have begun that will culminate in the close of this age. The combined sins of the nations weigh down and require a response. Business as usual will not be on the menu.

Nevertheless, as I said here at the start of the year, it is not so important what will happen, or when, but where we individually and as communities are when it does. Because the next shaking is just on the horizon. We will be woken up one way or another.

When everything that can be shaken is, where will you be found? There is only one solid Rock, only one place that can never be shaken. This refuge is found in no earthly location. It can only be found in the abandonment of any worldly security, in order to reach out in faith to Him who is unseen.

To gain all, you must lose all. The only way to life is though the narrow gate, where all else is stripped away.

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
which cannot be shaken but endures forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so the Lord surrounds his people
both now and forevermore.

Psalm 125
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5 Responses to Solid Ground

  1. “The vaccines have saved us!……But now, with the salvific power of the vaccine, we have an idol that will again comfort us, and allow us to go back to our slumber.”

    You really must be more careful, Peter: you’re starting to sound like me. It’s very worrying.


    • Peter says:

      Haha 😀

      Great to see you dropping by David! There may have been just a smidgen of sarcasm in that post. 😉 I think I read one too many news reports of people expressing their ineffable joy at getting stuff injected into their arm, to the point where it just sounded ridiculous.


      • It’s much the same over here in the colonies. We have an epidemic of vaccine selfies, too, which I find particularly nauseating.
        Hope you and yours are well – it’s nice chatting again…. it’s been a while.


  2. Peter says:

    Yes, we’re doing just fine thanks. Moved once again – that will be it for quite a while hopefully. Hope you’re all doing well, no more thin skinned bishops demanding their pound of flesh?

    Still following your blog, you have the knack for skewering the ridiculous! 🙂 Though I confess I don’t have the heart to chronicle the decline of the ACoC – that’s just the sad inevitable result of the choices they made, and the gods they’ve chosen to serve. Like the tag on my blog – ‘Those who marry the spirit of this age will find themselves widows in the next’. It’s coming here too (well, it already is here, only it’s not quite at the Kairos point)…


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