The Song of the Redeemed

A little meditation for Easter Sunday….

The song the Lord brings to birth through us, the Song of the Redeemed, is majestic, sorrowful, joyful and beautiful beyond human understanding. It is is made up of so many parts intertwined. The sweet notes of new life, of joy, of hope, contentment and peace. The notes of pain, of loss, of sadness and loneliness, offered to Him. Even the evil that is done, the rebellion, the hatred, form a part of this song; the darkness that yet highlights light.

This is a song only possible because on this glorious Day of Days he set free us captives, bound to sin and death, and won for Himself a people that can make a home in Him. He weaves the tapestry of our lives into an audible portrait. Maybe we only see a thread or two, and we cannot understand what He is creating. But one day, when it is complete, we will. The day His Church fully reflects His image. That day, at the creation of the New Heavens and Earth, this song will be sung, to welcome into birth everything our Father has proposed for us.

So your life, maybe it seems small, maybe unimportant, your concerns trivial. However the truth is this – nothing that is done in Him will go to waste, or be forgotten. You are part of His great song, and every note of your life is essential to the final composition on that great and final day. We have a great Saviour, and marvelous are the things He is creating through His people. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. Everything that ever was, is or will be, is breathed to life through Him.

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