Location, location, location

Last week I spoke about time, the importance of living in and celebrating today, as a gift fully given by God. This week I’d like to briefly reflect on space.

In the midst of troubles, of viral pandemics, economic recession, a culture that has allowed thistles to grow up and choke the very plants we rely on for our survival, when there seems forces too big, too important, too irresistible to even begin to counter, when we seem to be marching towards the long defeat – it is tempting to despair, to be discouraged, to helplessly wait for whatever comes next.

If that’s where you are, let me bring you a different voice. You think perhaps you are little, insignificant, of no importance. Against these forces, perhaps this is true. But yet, you contain within you the pearl of great price. A mustard seed that if allowed to grow, can become a tree full of flowers and fruit.

The space you have been given may not seem like much, but it is your mission field, and you have the divinely purposed capacity to assist in remaking this garden into a new Eden, full of promise and hope. Within this world, you bear the hands, feet and heart of Christ, and through Him you have the capability of spreading his perfume within it, and literally remaking it as a foretaste of the new heavens and earth.

The world may think nothing of the little light shining through you, but do not be deceived by the world. What you do, who you are, has infinite value in the heart of God, and as His co-creator in the garden He has given you, everything you do from the heart of Christ is treasured by Him and will grow up towards eternity, ever remaining in Him.

So do not be deceived, both the day and the space in which you dwell is an essential part of His kingdom. You can’t affect the days headlines. You’re not called to. Your Father has all those things in His hands. Just tend to the garden that he has called you to steward, and do and be all that you can within those walls. It has so much more value than you can ever imagine.

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2 Responses to Location, location, location

  1. Thank you for this little encouragement Peter.


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