A heart for the lost

I perceive the tear that runs down the face of God. The sorrow for the multitude that turn their faces and hearts away from Him and pierce themselves with so, so many griefs.

The pain for those that remain on the ship of the world as it founders, dragged nearer and nearer to a lee shore.

He does not wish it.
He does not desire it.
He would welcome us home in a heartbeat.
But many will not – and are wrecked on the rocks of sin.
Just a few turn, and find life.

Sit with Him a while today, and let your heart beat in time with His. Take on just a little of His Spirit, that you may know how much He loves you, and how much He loves the world.

His the heart that knows the Golgotha road, a road He invites us to travel too, that we might be with Him. A heart that reaches out still, to call us Home.

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