The choice

In the midst of our current troubles, we have new opportunities to choose between life and death. As ever, our Father desires that we choose life, and indeed the good news is that some are, waking up and realising that we are not, after all, gods – masters of our own destiny.

But it is a tragedy that some are using this time to extend the tentacles of Moloch worship. I believe that one of the reasons the nations are under the judgment of God is because of our wanton sacrificing of millions of our children, the very least of these, to the flames.

New Zealand has used this time to ram through an extreme abortion law. Now, the UK has got into the act. As it is currently harder to sacrifice our sons and daughters at officially approved Moloch temples, we have been given dispensation to set up our own altars at home, in order to keep the flames of evil and death burning brightly.

As I’ve said before, if we choose death, death chooses us. And I am not so much meaning physical death here, though that too. But the spiritual death, the second death. The coarseness, the stripping away of humanity, and the descent to hell that comes with all such heinous acts.

I am desperately sad to see it – a shaking to life, leads some nations to turn their back, and embrace death more firmly – hiding from God in hatred of all that is good. Am I overstating things? Maybe…or maybe it is that we do not see the horror of what we, as nations, do and have allowed under the blood-stained banner of ‘choice’.

I can only think that more shaking is going to be necessary, and delivered. Because God is love, and He is sovereign. He made a Way when there was no way. He is able to overcome, and He will be glorified. In the end, every knee will bow – worshipers and rebels alike. Maranatha!

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3 Responses to The choice

  1. Norman says:

    So true but can always pray that God in His wrath remembers mercy especially on His people


    • Peter says:

      His mercy is beyond my comprehension or encompassing. There is no safer place to be, than that of a penitent, falling at His knees in sorrow at our own hearts and asking for forgiveness. We become more ourselves in so doing, and His soul is kind, so very kind, to lift us up out of the pig slop of our own desires.


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