May the light of Christ guide your path in the coming year, may His peace fill your heart, and may you come to know His salvation more deeply.

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3 Responses to Christmas

  1. Peter,
    I have just spotted your comments on Prophecy Today and have taken a brief look round your website. I very much warm to what I have read.
    By way of introduction can I suggest that you search my name on Prophecy Today and you will find two articles by me, along with a two part interview I did for them last year. You can also take a look round my own website listed in the contact information.
    I could find no way of contacting you privately via Disqus, nor on your website, so I thought a comment may be one way of making contact. Please feel free to delete this when you have read it.
    I’d be interested in finding out more about you and if you are motivated to respond please email me.
    In Christ.


  2. KURUNKUNDE says:

    Amen, Thanks


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