The Father heart of God

I have spoken so much recently on sin, judgment and the brokenness of our nations. However, I look back in the Bible and am forced to conclude, it was ever thus.

Today, I want to speak something different, to bring the Father Heart of God. In our poverty, perhaps it is often hard to understand His heart. A nation that is gripped by fatherlessness, where what is masculine is often scorned and denigrated, where men have so little understanding of what it means to be a man that they cannot be a father themselves. Yes, it is in this environment that we need to speak a word of our Father God’s heart.

This is no heart of a God that sits far away, judging our imperfections. Nor a God that abandons us and cannot be trusted. Neither a God that sets rules and punishes the slightest transgression.

No, the Father heart of God is something very different, and something that many of us have not experienced in any form. Because in our experience we are so often fatherless, orphans, carrying anger and grief in equal measure – how can we understand His heart?

The Fathers heart is full of boundless love, a well of compassion for His lost people. A heart that is grieved by the evil that we do, yes, but also a heart that takes the bruising and still calls out for us to return. A heart that is faithful, steadfast and will never abandon His own. A heart that calls us to trust all things to Him, including our own heart – that He will work out all things for the good – whether we understand or not.

A heart that loves us. Not the pale insipid ‘love’ that we often settle for. But real, deep and everlasting. We are literally His treasure, and He gave Himself to purchase us. We are loved. Deeply, truly, utterly. And He will never let His own go.

His broken heart sees the darkness at the heart of our nations, sees the depravity, greed and evil practiced every day. And does not bring judgment, but calls out again for us to return to light, to life, to love. He is by no means a powerless impotent God, but One who restrains His righteous judgment for the sake of His mercy, love and compassion.

This is our Father God. To see and dwell in His heart is to dismiss as pale phantoms our current ‘gods’ of tolerance, diversity and inclusion. They are pathetic impostors and ridiculous charlatans after you have experienced the real thing.

Our Father God’s heart still calls us to turn around and return to Him. He that loves us with such a burning unquenchable love that does not fade. He gave His firstborn son to be the Way for us to return.

This is our Father God. There is no way we deserve Him. But He loves us, and calls us to return to Him. Every day. This day.

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