Loving Jesus with all our heart

At the beginning of the Welsh revival in 1904, a young girl named Florrie Evans rose to her feet and said, “I love Jesus Christ with all my heart.”  So began a fire that carried over into all five continents.

Recently, I was at a church service, watching people at the end as we were singing “Holy and Anointed One”. As we were singing, some folks went to get their kids, at which point others got up to leave, or chat with friends.  By the end of the song, maybe 10% were still worshipping.

It just seemed incongruous – just a few were worshipping –  Jesus, Jesus, Holy and anointed One, Jesus – and for everybody else, it was as if it was not happening.  As I watched, what I felt from the Lord was a deep sadness.  Sadness that this was His bride – and they were ignoring Him.

To be clear –  this is not about sitting in judgment on anyone, or wanting folks to feel ashamed.  I’m sure there were very good reasons.  And you can count me in the number of those who simply don’t love the Lord with all their hearts.

This is about feeling the sadness from God, and how much we still need to return to Him, to worship Him, to glorify Him.  And to have our hearts melted and renewed by Him.

Funny thing was – as I walked outside the church pondering, I came across this:



Seems as if the stones do indeed cry out.

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