There are none so blind….

….as those who will not see.

Back in March I wrote a post – Who are the Barbarians?   Excerpts are included below:

The world has correctly judged ISIS and their ilk as evil.  And rightly so,  for they are stunted barbarians, semi-humans, devoid of love, mercy, pity or anything that is good.  And they serve their father, Satan, well.

But they do have one thing that we do not – honesty.  They are honest in their barbarism, clear in their embrace of evil and contempt of God and anything that is good, noble and honourable.

They have slain their tens of thousands.  But we have slain our millions.  And what we have done, and are doing is far, far worse.  They slay their enemies.  We slay our own children, sacrificed on the altar of ‘choice’.  They celebrate their killings.  We lie, dissemble and cover with weasel-words the utter barbarism of our misdeeds.

We think we are civilised.  We are not, we are savages hiding from the truth, lying to the world and to ourselves.  Future generations will look upon us with horror and revulsion.

As a culture, our sin is so far advanced, that is has given birth to death, a death we readily embrace, accept, seek after, and call good.  Can we really be so blind, so deceived?

With recent revelations, I think the answer is clear – yes indeed we can.   I have struggled to understand how our culture is not only murdering the weakest and most vulnerable of us, but we are then dismembering them and selling their parts for profit.  I cannot think of a greater evil.

But for many people it is a non-issue, or an attack on ‘rights’, or a political side show, or something else.  Anything other than that what it is.

Just so you know, I am not American, nor do I live there.  I have only marginal interest in the political machinations. But I can see Evil for what it is.  It shouldn’t matter if you are Right or Left wing, Christian or Atheist.  If you can be OK with this, you can be OK with anything.

Well, I begin to understand why somebody like Wilberforce had such trouble outlawing Slavery.  We think it’s a no-brainer – what were some people thinking then, supporting such a thing?  Now we know.  We just need to look in a mirror – at ourselves and the horror in our ‘culture’.  We truly are the barbarians, the real deal.

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4 Responses to There are none so blind….

  1. timbob says:

    I remember a prophetic warning that was along this line……that before America is judged, the Lord is going to expose the sins of its leaders. I’m not sure if the revelations of Planned Parenthood qualify as “exposing the sins of the leaders” however, it certainly makes manifest the hearts of those who embrace it. The people caught in the videos, selling body parts and what have you, showed such a contempt for life that it defies description.

    I think the exposure was twofold. Not only does it show to the world what has been going on for decades, it forces those who have been silent to make a decision….to either stand against this wickedness or look the other way.

    It’s always great to hear your observations. Blessings in Jesus name.


  2. Peter says:

    Thanks Timbob, great to see you dropping by again.

    Agreed on the decision making – although many will do their best to avoid it, we’ll all have to make that decision – choose this day whom you will serve.


  3. Thanks for this piece of writing – I agree – one of the great battles being fought is about the nature and importance of truth:


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