Who are the barbarians?

The world has correctly judged ISIS and their ilk as evil.  And rightly so,  for they are stunted barbarians, semi-humans, devoid of love, mercy, pity or anything that is good.  And they serve their father, Satan, well.

But they do have one thing that we do not – honesty.  They are honest in their barbarism, clear in their embrace of evil and contempt of God and anything that is good, noble and honourable.

They have slain their tens of thousands.  But we have slain our millions.  And what we have done, and are doing is far, far worse.  They slay their enemies.  We slay our own children, sacrificed on the altar of ‘choice’.  They celebrate their killings.  We lie, dissemble and cover with weasel-words the utter barbarism of our misdeeds.

We think we are civilised.  We are not, we are savages hiding from the truth, lying to the world and to ourselves.  Future generations will look upon us with horror and revulsion.

Abortion‘Involuntary’ Euthanasia. A society that strips children of their childhood, removes father and mother to feed our desires, even changes ancient language to better fit our modern wickedness.  As they say – this cannot end well.

How can God not judge us?   How could we even want to escape it if we ever open our eyes to the enormity of our crimes.

Sometimes I think we want judgment – the end of the world is so prevalent in our fictions.  Maybe, somewhere in our subconscious, we know what we deserve and what we’re heading to.

We call Good, Evil and Evil, Good.  Where have we heard that before?

From Mark Mallet’s blog:

Death is now the solution to modern man’s problems: if an unexpected pregnancy comes, abort it; if someone is terminally ill, kill them; too old, help them commit suicide; and if your neighbouring country is deemed a threat, a “pre-emptive strike” is in order; if your “national interests” are at stake, send in the drones. Death is a one-size-fits-all.

As it says in James 1 v14:

 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

As a culture, our sin is so far advanced, that is has given birth to death, a death we readily embrace, accept, seek after, and call good.  Can we really be so blind, so deceived?

When then can we do?

More to follow….


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8 Responses to Who are the barbarians?

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  6. Tony Conrad says:

    I agree apart from pre-emptive strikes which can save a nation as in Israel destroying the Egyptian Air Force in 1967. I don’t know who you are but I think you need to leave a name and own what you are saying but you have made some very good point Mr Anonymous.


    • Peter says:

      Thanks Tony. My name is Peter, and I’m happy to own all posts on this blog :). I may look at putting down some contact details in the future.


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