Prophetic words for this day, part 4

What hope, then, for us sinners? So much hope – if we would but turn and receive it.

The heart of winter – October 2004

Grey clouds scurry across a twilight sky.
A cool wind blows from the North.
The last of the leaves are blown from the trees.
Dead leaves make patterns in the swirl of the wind.

Will you not come home to Me, my children? Will you still tarry outside?

Winter will be upon you soon, and the heart of winter, winter’s heart, will fall upon you.

I have all things prepared.
The lights are on, the fire stoked, the feast is laid.
Will you not come home?
I am here, to welcome you.
How long will you tarry?

Will you wait until it is too late?
Until the heart of winter is upon you?
Until the snow is thick upon the ground, until a shroud of ice is upon everything?
Until winter’s heart claws at your own heart?
Until there is no life, no love, no peace and no purpose?
Until the heart of winter will claim you as its own?

There is still time.
Come home to me – there is still time.
Before the heart of winter grips you forever.
Before it is too late.
Come home to Me.

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5 Responses to Prophetic words for this day, part 4

  1. buttermilk80 says:

    It is so amazing to compare the reponse of the spirit in me and the response of the flesh. Christians are captivated by the Spirit of God, yet retain the rebellious flesh. Thank you for that post. The response of the flesh remind me that were it not for the Spirit of God in me, I would freeze to death….

    By His Grace.


  2. Kate says:

    I see the heart of winter every time I go out on street outreach, but it has a different name. It is alcohol, or crack, or heroin….

    Saw a friend’s son out there tonight. He won’t go home, and truth to tell, I’m not sure he would be welcomed.


    • Peter says:

      Yeah – it’s a real tragedy. 😦

      Our church sponsors somebody through Teen Challenge – it helps, though the need always outweighs the space they have.


  3. timbob says:

    Good morning. This is a most important call toall who are either outside the household of faith or are drifted away from the Lord. The cold dark winter is approaching with astonishing speed.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.



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