Prophetic words for this day

I’ve had it in mind for a while to bring together a compilation of some of the words given to me. I think they are as relevant now as they were at the time. I’ll release them again over the next few weeks. Blessings,


The Spirit of the Age – January 2004.

I am the Lord your God. I see all hearts and discern all purposes. Nothing is hidden from Me. I know your ways and all your plans. I Love you. You bear My Name. You are the people of My pasture. And behold, I am doing a new thing.

I see this land, this culture. It is rich, fat and bloated. You lack nothing! Everything is provided for, and yes, in abundance! I see the gods of money, of avarice, of greed and lust stretching their tentacles throughout this land. New temples to other gods are raised, and people worship in them. I know the evil that dwells here. You think you are rich! But your eyes are blind! Foolish people – look again and see what I see


Things have changed a little since 2004 – what seemed like solid ground then, perhaps no longer does. But the Church seems just as willing, perhaps even more eager, to accommodate to, compromise with and in many cases even trumpet the culture. Yes, there are notable exceptions, those who are calling the Bride back to the way of purity. And some have responded, though not yet with their whole heart. Still, as time moves forward it will become clear who worships in the temple of God, and who worships in the temple of Babylon. May we be shown whether the treasure held in our hearts are mere gaudy trinkets or whether we are pursuing the Pearl of great price. Lord, may it be the latter!

Do you not know who you are? – August 2004.

With one prayer, you can change the world.
My beloved, before all creation
Bought with a price
Glittering and Holy
Called by name

Do you think I do not know you?
Heart and soul I do
Eternal and forever
Exquisite crystal
Perfect in purity

Do you not know who you are?

The full poem was conceived as a companion piece to the Spirit of the Age. Yes, we must be chastened. But those He chastens, He also loves. Often, we really do not know who, or whose, we are.

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2 Responses to Prophetic words for this day

  1. Stuck in Toronto says:

    Peter can you expand on “and behold, I am doing a new thing.)?


  2. Peter says:

    Did you read the whole prophecy Stuck?

    Perhaps you could view it as a new-old thing! An ageless call, but renewed in this generation.




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