A UofC kerfuffle – UPDATED x 3

Since it happened in my local neighborhood, I thought the story below, presented in chronological order, may be of some interest.

University of Calgary Once Again Attempting to Censor Campus Pro-Life Club
University of Calgary Pro-Life Students Defy Threats of Arrest over Pro-Life Display
High-ranking Political Science Profs Say U of C “Overreacted” To Pro-Life Demonstrators
University of Calgary Pro-Life Students Victorious (for now – ed) – Administration Backs Down from Arrest Threats

Such stories are only really a surprise if you subscribe to the old canard that universities are all about ‘free speech’, ‘open enquiry’, ‘thoughtful discourse’ etc. Simply put, that is a fiction and fallacy. I have two degrees, and I never saw universities like this. Usually they are hotbeds of ‘rightthink’, ideology of which swallowed by many (not all – but many) immature people who really don’t have much of a clue, or interest in finding one. Full of people required to jump through lecturers hoops to get the grades needed and hardly able, interested or encouraged to study further.

Sorry for the rant (not one of my better days, alas). Everything is broken, universities included, and only Jesus Christ can redeem us.

UPDATE: So apparently the U of C is now charging their own students with trespassing (here and here). This would be the University of free and open enquiry, debate, exchange of ideas etc (you can see my viewpoint on that above), now helpfully moderated by the University administration, courts and police?!

UPDATE2: And the SU joins in the persecution. Pathetic.

UPDATE3: There’s an online petition here – please add your support. Thanks!

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4 Responses to A UofC kerfuffle – UPDATED x 3

  1. Pauline says:

    Peter – Queen’s University hired 6 students to “listen in” on private conversations to correct politcally incorrect statements. Fortunately there was such an uproar they seem to be assessing the program. I am hearted by the strength of those standing for freedom of speech.
    I get somewhat shaky as everything just seems to be in chaos – such as what is happening in Parliament now. Whether you voted for the PCs or not they were elected and now the least electable leader will be in power. Chaos – God help us.


  2. Peter says:

    It is in chaos, wherever you look. I really think this is time for us to be close to our Lord and Saviour.


  3. Steve L. says:

    Arresting someone and securing a conviction are separate matters. A judge is likely to ask how they can be welcome to attend the classes they paid for yet be charged with trespassing in what the court may feel is a public area. There are areas at the University that are considered private and a trespassing charge would be legitimate, but a large open common area will be a stretch. Too bad the HRC would not come to their defense.


  4. Peter says:

    Yes, it does seem a bit of a stretch, doesn’t it!


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