Canada’s downward spiral

Can’t leave my adopted homeland out of it, now can I? There’s no shortage of things I could post, but something that caught my eye today is from Calgary, where freedom of expression is allowed just so long as the correct thoughts are expressed.

CALGARY, AB, March 31, 2008 ( – The University of Calgary has threatened to censor one of its own student groups, Campus Pro-Life (CPL), from publicly displaying the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), an educational exhibit that graphically compares abortion to the Holocaust. CPL members are going to defy the university today and tomorrow as they ignore the new restrictions being placed on their group, and march onto campus to erect the signs.

In a letter to Campus Pro-Life, which was copied to university’s vice-president of external affairs, Roman Cooney, the university’s legal counsel Charlene Anderson wrote, “We have received numerous complaints in the past about the graphic and often disturbing nature of the Genocide Awareness Program’s [sic] signs and placards… we require that the display of all GAP signs and photographs face inward…”

The university has not responded to CPL’s query as to whether other groups have ever been subjected to this form of censorship.

Since 2006, GAP has been displayed at the U of C peacefully with its signs facing outwards on four occasions. However, at the most recent GAP display in October 2007, some individuals attempted to physically block the GAP display and impede dialogue between CPL members and their fellow students.

In correspondence with CPL, the university has thus far condoned this practice of physical intervention to prevent dialogue. The university has thus far refused CPL’s request that opposing groups each be given their own space, in order to prevent the physical intimidation by pro-choice protestors which took place five months ago.

“The university is giving in to mob rule,” stated CPL treasurer Leah Hallman. “Rather than hiding unpopular views, the university should facilitate the expression of all viewpoints and create a safe environment for dialogue,” continued Hallman.

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UPDATE here.

UPDATE 2 here.

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  1. Bless these faithful witnesses, both for standing in the gap for life, and for gladly suffering for the Name of Jesus (Acts 5:41)


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