I have a number of things sitting in blog limbo that I haven’t had the time to either polish up to be nice and shiny or consign to the “What was I thinking what I wrote THAT?” bin.

However since I have a moment I thought I’d highlight a couple of bizarre things happening over the other side of the pond (not that they have a monopoly on bizarreness).

Council of Europe: Ban Creationism since it may become “Threat to Human Rights” and Democracy – find the article here. I don’t know about creationism, but it certainly requires creative thought to associate it with Human Rights. Would this be an Agenda we see here? Is it not interesting that rather than debating the theory/s at a scientific level it becomes necessary to assign it to a level of Thoughtcrime?

Could we not leave it to the dispassionate freethinking scientists who only care about objective truth? Actually, perhaps not – in my experience there is nothing so dogmatic, blinkered and territorial than a scientist with a theory. 😉

And, while we’re thinking on Agendas, whilst I don’t rate the Daily Wail too highly, the latest story on the ‘boil the frog slowly’ front in the UK caught my attention here as UK Labour Think Tank Recommends ‘Downgrading’ Christmas. Don’t ban it right off; somebody might notice!

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4 Responses to Bizarreness

  1. Diana says:

    Just shows that some in the UK are actually out of touch with what the silent majority think. We like out traditions and they’re gonna have a hard job changing anything. And what’s more ‘downgrading Christmas’ suggestion is a good story for the Daily Wail to run, as it’s very emotive.
    Jesus Christ rules.


  2. Allen Lewis says:

    It is almost as if the rabid “Evolutionists” and “Brotherhood of Mankind” zealots have realized that the Christians have the better of the argument and the only way to win is to suppress them. I say, “Bring it on!” The Church always seems to fair better under persecution than under conditions of ease, where people tend to get fat and lazy!


  3. Peter says:

    I certainly find argument by supression unconvincing personally 😉


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