All you need

This is the second of three articles authored by ‘UnderTheRadar’ over at Revival School.

Down in the valley, in the middle of a dream, there were wonderful flowers blooming.
Down by the river, by the eddies flowing in endless succession;
there were beautiful blossoms dropping their petals into the icy cold waters below.
Growing around the mouth of the river, were artistic displays of patterns and colors in vast array,
dancing in an ever-graceful episode all their own.

And who would have known that there were none to see it …
or hear it or smell its fragrance and its unusual aroma?
Who would have understood the sadness at capturing its beauty in a dream, for none to share?
How sad to take in its beauty without the joy of giving it away.

Dreams are so elusive, giving us so much passion without including our loved ones.
Dreams are such gentle giants, stealing our hearts without sounding an alarm that wakens those around us.
There are dreams that capture our very essence and steal us away, into another time and place.
And in that time and place, we are swept away by our own amazing journey into the unknown.

Somebody tell me, can you come with me?
For where I am going, I am alone.
And alone, in the midst of the dream, I am intimately aware of Your presence,
like a fragrance I’ve never known, beckoning me to come closer and closer to Your heart.
And Your heart is so full of life and hope and passion, I am lost in Your embrace.
Sacred moments like these can only be found on my knees
and my knees are too soft from sitting, to give me the strength that I need.
Down on my knees where the river runs free,
I am lost in the solitude that beckons me further than I have ever gone.
Create in me a clean heart, O’ God, and renew a right spirit within me
or I will faint from the passion that engulfs me from head to toe and swallows my very being.

You are my Rock, my Strength, my Shield and my ever-present help in time of trouble.
You are my Prince of peace and more than I have ever dreamed.
And if You will permit me, I will insist that You come with me,
to the places in my heart that have been vacant of Your presence.
And I will allow you access, where access has been denied, just because You have asked me.
And You will find fallow ground behind the portals of my soul, where none has ever trod.
And You will be given time to plow the ground and invest in something that has lain dormant.
And You will have Your way with me, where determination has been my only friend.
And You will give Your heart to me, unreservedly, for I know that taking You there is only the beginning.
And in the beginning of the sunrise of my life, I will pause and reflect at the beauty of Your Majesty,
the richness of Your Glory,
the value of Your Presence
and I will bow and kneel before My King.

Have you ever seen the Sonrise in a man’s soul?
Have you ever captured the thought that there are no other answers than Him?
Have you ever reminded yourself that so many questions could be put aside in the Glory of His presence?
His presence is all you need in the long run.
It is the very answer to every question.
It is His presence that manifests itself in our lives to give us hope for the future.
It is the rain in our souls that waters the fallow ground and allows seedlings to take root.
And it is another dimension of time and space, where time stands still and space is only an illusion.
It is a summary of our lives and a witness against us of our sin
and a gentle tug that reminds us that He is our sacrificed Lamb.

He is our Father, the caretaker of our hearts and souls.
He is our Redeemer, buying the freedom we hold so dearly.
He is our open Door to the future and the future is only a heartbeat away.
He is our undying ecstasy, the celebration of our lives played out in mercy and grace.
He is our answer to every question and every question takes on a whole new meaning with Him.
He is a loveable laughable child, a pauper and a king,
In His eyes is the radiance that transforms me and surrounds my very being.
In his heart are the answers that unearth me and take me where I don’t want to go,
but He takes me to places that make me grow.
And if you could hear His heartbeat and hear Him breathe,
you would know that you are hearing His kindness and compassion and His sensitivity.
He is all you need to survive,
all you need to be alive,
all you need to live a life well-lived,
all you have to afford is His free gift.

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