Something interesting

In the light of the things that I and others have been saying, I found this interesting.

This blog will be back in ‘working order’ shortly as the Anglican Church of Canada General Synod is now finished. However, the rest of my life is going to get a look-in first 😉 .

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3 Responses to Something interesting

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  2. faithwalk says:

    Hmmm… interesting. What I do see happening is an economic disaster, one I think will come suddenly. What precipitates it only the Lord knows for sure. It’s not hard to surmise , but I try not to create scenarios in my mind, better to leave them in Gods hands!
    Anything I come up with would probably be wrong anyway… 😉

    Glad you are home, I’ve been praying for you all!

    Blessings always,



  3. white rabbit says:

    Faithwalk is correct, IMHO, that an economic disaster is due. Some say that this Fall will be a fall indeed but an internal memo from the Carlyle Group that is whispering around says that there will be excess liquidity for 12 – 24 months or more which translated means that around Feb 2009 if liquidity does decline and deflation diminishes for three months it is time to sell. But the worst will be over by 2011.
    Martin Armstrong, who like Kondratieff before him, is in jail thinks that the all time high will not come until Dec 24, 2032. But between now and then expect some downs as well as ups. Nature, rather than the Fed rules.
    The trend in interest rates is broken and allegedly this means that they will track up for 20 years or so.
    I myself (big deal!)don’t expect a crash; rather that we will all wake up one morning wondering what happened and find ourselves on minimum wage, no benefits and that our property has new owners. But who knows? That is the fun of it all. This is not investment advice as financially I lean towards being a bit of a bum.


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