General Synod right ahead……

So, here we are. Suddenly this whole General Synod thing seems to be right ahead and I’ll be seeing what I can do to help the orthodox Christian voice in that place.

You’ll find me blogging from here during that time.

As and when I will add stuff to this blog, but don’t be surprised if it becomes a little quieter here for the next while.

In the meantime, just to bang the same drum a little more, please do pray.

Pray for the Essentials effort, pray for all those going, pray for the families left behind.

Pray for those speaking, planning, voting, creating resolutions, communicating and helping in any capacity.

Pray for safe and timely transportation, both to and from, and during General Synod.

Pray for all the technical ‘stuff’, that everything would come together in that area.

Pray for freedom from sickness (I would be in that category, fighting some kind of virus at the moment).

Pray most of all that Gods will be done, and that He be glorified! May the burning fire of His love illuminate our hearts to His glory, that we may be His people, salt and light in this dark world. Glory be to God alone; Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

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2 Responses to General Synod right ahead……

  1. Faithwalk says:

    You have my prayers Peter! Be well and filled with Gods grace as you enter this week, protected by the blood of Jesus and held in His hand.
    May He strengthen you mind, body and spirit, giving you insight and wisdom in the coming days.

    Blessings and peace to you,



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