What is hidden will be revealed

30th January 2005

I had a prophetic dream. As is usual with dreams, upon wakening I could not quite grasp the essence of what I had dreamt.

Considering the reality of what I had been given, the Lord gave me a reference point to be able to anchor the dream and understand it.

I saw the Holy Spirit, brooding over the earth and the seas covering it. I perceived His plans for us. I saw Him dry up all the seas, and as this was done, what was hidden under the seas was revealed – mountains, valleys, plains and trenches.

My understanding was that the seas represented the Lord’s grace in the natural – that is, his physical provision for us. I saw that He will dry up this provision, and in doing so reveal the hidden natures of our hearts – both the highest heights, and the lowest depths.

I saw that this water – the Lord’s grace in the supernatural – would still be available as a source to be drawn upon by those who are based and grounded in the Lord.

What will this mean, and how extensive will it be? I do not know. Only that a time of natural adversity with supernatural blessing will occur, with the intent of revealing what has been hidden under the Seas of Plenty for many years. Both the best and the worst will be laid bare for all to see.

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7 Responses to What is hidden will be revealed

  1. mcalmond says:

    Oh that ears would hear and eyes would see, denial would be removed and ignorance thrown to the wind and the Truth of the Word of the Lord be known, heard and made increasingly evident to one and all.

    Lord Jesus have mercy and draw us ever closer and closer to you, especially as we see these unfolding before us all.

    Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ!


  2. faithwalk says:

    The Spirit continues to speak the same thing, endeavoring to get our attention. As Phil said, May we have eyes to see and ears to hear, that we may be rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus, that we may draw upon His grace. May there be springs of living water flowing from our lives in this day, that others may be drawn to Jesus.

    Thank you for sharing this Peter, and thank you for praying.

    Blessings to you!



  3. white rabbit says:

    The guy that runs the daily http://www.urbansurvival.com had to put in a lot of effort to come up with the same conclusion. I hope that the chart below comes through. If the chart doesn’t come through go to urbansurvival.com and scroll down to the issue of thursday, 29th march while it is still available.
    “All of this leads me to conclude the mass media hype of prosperity is will end badly, sooner than later, and as it does, the thoughtful planner will by now have lots of food, self/family protection measures, stored water, and even a radiation sniffer plus batteries.

    As the predictive linguistics project over at http://www.halfpasthuman.com suggests, the world’s headed for an “encounter with scarcity” – and the more lead time we have on such an event, we’ve found the larger the event is when it arrives. We got over 4-months lead time on the 2004 tsunami, for example.

    How big will “shortages” be? A look at the chart we’ve been keeping which shows Google news search engine hits since the concept started coming out of data more than a year ago is instructive… and at new all-time highs:

    An email from a reader which is typical of the data points now developing underscores what’s ahead:

    “I know you keep track of shortages stories. This past weekend, I hosted a baby shower. The mom-to-be had registered at Walmart, Target and Babies-R-Us (in Columbus and Marion, Ohio). Guest after guest complained that when they went to one of these stores, there was no inventory available for the items on the registry. It was really weird, how many of them said that. She got a lot of gift cards as a result.”

    What can I say? Ready a year or three early beats hell out of 1-hour too late. George is either a preparedness nutjob or he’s a prudent futurist. Your call.


  4. Peter says:

    Thank you Susan and Phil, only His Grace does and will suffice!

    White rabbit, you raise an interesting point. Just how prepared do we have to be? Take it too far, and you live out of a spirit of fear and a selfish survival mentality, not apart from showing a lack of trust in God. On the other hand, perhaps there is nothing wrong with being prudent – like Joseph and the 7 fat/lean years. OK, that may not be a perfect analogy, but what I think I am getting at is that there are two errors to be aware of here – indolence/presumption on one hand, lack of faith on the other. IMHO the latter is by far the way the more pressing problem.

    The best thing to do is to press deep in our Lord, and trust in Him. If He says, go stock up water, then do so – but don’t trust to the water, only to Him.

    IMHO, one of the results of the time to come will be the redevelopment of community. When there is want, then we will pull together, or we will fall apart. And, the Rock of any community will be the Lord.




  5. faithwalk says:

    Amen Peter. It is strange, but the Spirit has had me thinking about the 7 years of lean and plenty and I am pondering the depth of what He is saying regarding this…
    We do so need to be hearing and be led of the Spirit.

    And as for community, yes Lord, your will be done! Bring to pass that which you have placed in Peter and Ruthys heart, and let them embrace the fullness of what your plan is in this, beyond what they have as yet thought or imagined. We thank you for your faithfulness and for their heart to love and serve you!
    Bless them Father, bless your people everywhere who are crying out to you. In Jesus name, for your honor and glory.

    Bless you Peter, abundant grace and joy to you this day!



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