So, this Anglican week I was talking about….

Well, I seem to have navigated the week with my sanity somewhat intact, although I am totally Anglicaned-out now! I have, praise the Lord, managed to dodge Saturdays deanery meeting (probably for good behaviour), so I’m planning a nice Church-free time with my family. šŸ™‚

Anyway (and I promise the next post will also be entirely devoid of the intricacies of dysfunctional Anglicanism) I can probably outline a few things that have gone on this week.

Firstly, (and this mainly for non-Anglican readers) the Bishops in TEC (US Church) have come out with a surprisingly strong (and petulant IMHO) response to what was asked of them by the primates. My report on what was asked for is here, the response here. The short short version? US Bishops to Anglican Primates – drop dead.

Many of us though that it would be a time for more evasiveness , prevarication and sidestepping – but it was not to be. It really does look as if they have burned their bridges behind them. Hearts are being hardened, it seems. And what many folk have been saying is coming true – a gulf is opening up between us. That isn’t just true of the Anglican Church either, many churches are going through something similar. As I was saying here.

What will this mean for Anglicans North of the Border? Hard to say at present, though I would not be surprised to see a similar hardening of hearts.

More locally, I met with the Bishop twice, once with my Essentials hat on, and once as a Warden. The Essentials meeting went well, though I’d rather leave the details for another time. As a Warden, I found it a real blessing to spend some time with Bishop Derek and his wife Pauline. It is a breath of fresh air, especially for the Calgary Diocese, to have a bishop who seems to genuinely care for the people, such that he’s spending most of his first year visiting parishes from what I can understand. A few prayers wouldn’t go amiss as he has quite a workload to make that happen.

I tasked him to explain to my 4 year old son the next day exactly what a bishop was. šŸ˜‰ Nathaniel had been asking me, so I thought this one was a good question to pass right along, heh.

The other thing that looks like happening is that I’m going to be helping Essentials at the GenSynod in June in the whole communications area. Mad fools that they are, they don’t know what they are letting themselves in for, lol….. Right now it’s a bit grey as to what I’ll be doing exactly, though if something goes wrong on that end, you can probably blame me. šŸ˜‰ Anyway, I’ll tell you what I can as things develop.

Next time, something completely different.

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5 Responses to So, this Anglican week I was talking about….

  1. Pauline Bettney says:

    So glad to know you will be at General Synod Peter. We have Victoria Matthews and Colin Johnson coming for a day on April 14 to explain the Windsor Report. How long O Lord – maybe it is the end of the beginning.


  2. Peter,

    I agree about the effect on the Canadian church. The American’s thumb in the eye of the primates will embolden Canadian lefties to do likewise.

    Essentials (and you) will have a full plate at General Synod. God be with you.


  3. Diana says:

    I sense positive developments here; so much change is in the air in Canada. So I wonder if worldwide Anglicanism has to develop as each country did when the British Empire was no more. In the UK we look for vocal leaders of the Faith but where are they? Still if you go to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s web site and use the ‘search function’ this comes up: “This page is under development; please check back.” Hope or despair?!
    God bless you in your new ventures.


  4. US Bishops to Anglican Primates – drop dead.

    That’s a pretty good summary. šŸ™‚


  5. Peter says:

    Pauline – moving in the prophetic doesn’t necessarily extend to predicting GenSynod, however I would not be over surprised if the gulf grew wider come June.

    Scott – Thank you. To be honest, I am not looking forward to being there in a sense – all that heretical stuff tends to rub me in the wrong way….

    Diana (not used to calling you that) šŸ˜‰ – I think it will in the end be positive, though it may get pretty ugly for a while….

    Wannabe – Heh, yes, though completely plagarised I’m afraid!


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