Blogs and Moral Responsibility

Worth reading and considering.

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2 Responses to Blogs and Moral Responsibility

  1. faithwalk says:

    So I read this post Peter and wondered… what is this blogging all about?

    I’m new to this, less than 2 months. It has been surprising in every way, I had no idea what it would be like.

    In some ways it feels very much like ministry,, but in ways new to me.
    It has also been a great outlet for writing, something I may not do well, but truly love and feel led by the Lord to do.
    The biggest surprise has been the other people out here, like you and Phil and timbob and such…
    I find you all to be very real, people I pray for, care about and enjoy interacting with… This I never expected. Not in a million years.

    And I find myself sharing things I do not share with others… like Iona, and Monday in Portland with Richard…
    These are things I keep to myself, and here i am sharing my life, my struggles, my love for Jesus and I wonder, am I nuts? or what?
    Sometimes it is kid of an emotional roller coaster, questioning what I’ve written even in comments.
    I’ve considered stopping, but it feels very much of the Lord…
    and I find I am truly enjoying it and all of you kindred spirits.

    wow here I am, just going on and on…
    sorry about that.
    So what are your thoughts? How is blogging been for you? Care to share? 🙂

    Jesus grace and blessings to you,



  2. Peter says:

    Blogging for me? Well, I suppose it grew out of commenting on other blogs and suchlike. I came to realise that I was so opinionated that I had to have my own blog 😉

    Well, OK, it was a bit more complex than that (though the opinionated charge might stick!) For me, it is one answer to ‘what do I do with these prophecies?’. Some of them for certain are meant for more than our local church – so the blog provides a great outlet for speaking.

    I thought about it for quite a while before taking the plunge, knowing that blogs, to be read require feeding, hence it was going to take a bit of effort. And sometimes, that’s just what it is, othertimes a joy.

    Like Mike said (and you know who you are) it gives me the oppotunity to preach. Well, perhaps preaching isn’t really it – because thats a one to many thing. This is more like a many-many community, and I think that’s really valuable.

    Also, it’s good to meet other prophetic folk (and not the ones in big ministries) Iron sharpens iron. So, you better not be giving up eh? This basket needs more nuts 😉




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