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I believe Mercy is our last best hope. Justice is good, it is desirable – and God is a just God. We get angry when we see injustice. But I am so glad that it does not stop there. For … Continue reading

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OK, a brief diversion to the weather. As expected, the weather changed quite abruptly last night. 4pm yesterday all was quite tranquil at 6c (43F). Overnight, the winds changed to the North and arctic air came pouring in. Currently it … Continue reading

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Why am I giving these warnings? Is it to frighten, to bring fear and paralysis? No! The only fear I seek to bring is the type that is the beginning of wisdom. The Lord is deeply faithful, in Him can … Continue reading

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The heart of winter

I hope the word below speaks to you. If there is an intended audience, I suppose it would be those Christians who have allowed the thorns and weeds of life to grow and choke them; those who have let their … Continue reading

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Ontario court says boy can have dad, mom — and mom

See here. Our descent into perfidity and chaos continues, marriage and family are redefined as anything, and thereby nothing. There are no more boundaries. We erode the most basic societal bedrocks in our single-minded drive to enshrine dysfunction. There is … Continue reading

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New Year

Blessings on you for 2007!

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