Abandoned? Perhaps, but not by God.

I read the news from the Diocese of Virginia, and had what from experience may be a prophetic response.

However, I’m going to take a while to pray this one through and seek the Lord before posting, so any prayers would always be most welcome….

Thanks in advance…..

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7 Responses to Abandoned? Perhaps, but not by God.

  1. Pauline Bettney says:

    Will pray for you Peter.


  2. padraic says:

    Will be praying as well,


  3. Maria Toth says:

    God bless and protect you abundantly
    Maria in the UK


  4. Tina says:

    May God bless you and your holy approach to this. May all Christians’ hearts be opened to find warmth, and may the Light of Christ warm the whole world.


  5. Peter says:

    Thank you all….


  6. faithwalk says:

    You have my prayers Peter. May the Lord give you wisdom and discernment and His timing in all things.

    Bless you,



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