A strange species

“A strange species we are.  We can stand anything God and nature can throw at us save only plenty.  If I wanted to destroy a nation, I would give it too much, and I would have it on its knees, miserable, greedy, sick.”  John Steinbeck

Isn’t that just so?  Also, from a persecuted Romanian pastor:

“In my experience, 95% of the believers who face the test of persecution pass it, while 95% who face the test of prosperity fail it.”

Could it not be said that prosperity is in fact the most insidious and effective form of persecution?  I know I feel it.

 (Quotes taken from this book)

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5 Responses to A strange species

  1. kiwirev says:

    Harry Wendt, the fellow who created the Crossways Adult Bible Study program, said: “There’s no such thing as Christian giving, there’s only un-Christian keeping.” It’s all God’s to begin with.


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  3. We are too much like the seed sown amidst the weeds and thorns, choked by the cares of this life.


  4. joseph says:

    that’s pretty convicting


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