Welcome to CaNN readers

I’m not exactly sure how Binky the web elf supremo, head honcho, numero uno, big cheese etc etc etc manages to do it, but within a week of this blogs’ inception he and his super-efficient intelligence department has linked to me.  One has to wonder if he ever sleeps? 😉

Seeing as I see a little spike in traffic now (which wasn’t that hard to accomplish, heh) I though I’d better say a little ‘hi and welcome’.

Since (as I mentioned) I’m currently on holiday in what is proving to be the warmer side of the rockies, blogging may sometimes give way to more holidayish type activities. Normal service (whatever that is) will be restored come October.  However I’ll be popping in from time to time to give you the possibly dubious benefit of my wisdom on the increasingly odd times in which we live.



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6 Responses to Welcome to CaNN readers

  1. Diana says:

    Who’s Binky? Obviously a web elf, but is there more to know? And what does CaNN stand for? I’m very techno challenged at times!
    Enjoy your holiday and surroundings. Looking forward to more inspiring thoughts.
    My final thought: do we see things more clearly or is it easier for God to reveal things as we get older, and possibly wiser?


  2. Peter says:

    CaNN? Check out the blogroll on the left and have fun sufing 🙂

    Re your final thought – hard to say really – might depend on whether one gets wiser as one gets older!


  3. binky says:

    Dear Diana:

    Fr. Binky is a cheeky Canadian Anglican newshound. He chose ‘Binky’ because it sounded harmless and silly, even though he is not. It’s a deliberate counterpoint to pompous bloggers and official church media-types.

    CaNN stands for “Classical Anglican Net News”– news, views, and then some– even though nobody speaks much about the net when referring to the interwebs anymore. He’s beginning to prefer “The WebElf Report”.

    Regrettably, however, he tends to write of himself in third person, like Julius Caesar did in his writings.


    Binks, Webelf


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  5. Peter says:

    Pompous bloggers? I think I could have a good stab at who you might be thinking of…….http://www.rafwn.net/?p=29………heh 🙂

    Binky, are you aware that third person writing was expressly condemned by the Detriot Quintilateral (like the Chicago one but, uh, less well known)? They warned of the time when webelves should rule with an iron fist over all anglicanism, weilding their tartan battlesocks with steely resolve. I fear those words of prophecy have proven all too true. A sad time indeed.

    Peter, unwinding and possibly going a little crazy in the process…….. 😉


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