The spirit of the age

This is a key prophecy – received in January 2004.

This prophecy is not going to be easy to hear.
Neither is it any easier to speak.
However, the spirit of the age will be addressed.
You have all heard the Lamb.  Now hear the Lion of Judah!

This is the message that the Lord is bringing to the Church:

I am the Lord your God.  I see all hearts and discern all purposes.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  I know your ways and all your plans.  I Love you.  You bear My Name.  You are the people of My pasture.  And behold, I am doing a new thing.

I see this land, this culture.  It is rich, fat and bloated.  You lack nothing!  Everything is provided for, and yes, in abundance!  I see the gods of money, of avarice, of greed and lust stretching their tentacles throughout this land.  New temples to other gods are raised, and people worship in them.  I know the evil that dwells here.  You think you are rich!  But your eyes are blind!  Foolish people – look again and see what I see.

Yes – you are part of this!  You live both in it, and of it.  And I call you out!  You must not live this way.  You are temples of the Holy Spirit, so why then do you worship in the temples of Babylon?  Do you not see it?  Well then, I the Lord will declare it for you.  The land is corrupt and evil, there is no knowledge or love of God.  Each person goes their own way, and they do what pleases them.  They will reap what they have sown!  I the Lord have spoken!

But yet I am not willing that any should perish.  So, wake up.  Listen, for I have called you into a new way.  I have called you out, and my word will not return to me empty.  You are a Holy and a Royal people.  Do you not know it?  You bear my Name, on your heads and in your hearts, and I am not willing that any one of you should perish.

Listen!  For a new wave will flood across this land.  I the Lord your God have spoken!  A new harvest awaits, as My Spirit washes anew throughout this land.  But look, the ground is rough, rocky and unprepared.  Where can I plant My harvest?  Where is the soil ready for it?  Precious few places are ready.  So then, make haste, lest the Day of the Lord come and take you unaware.

You must have love, one for another, the true image of My love.  Why do I see shallow life amongst you?  Do you doubt?  Do you not truly believe?  Do you think the Lords arm is too short?  Can He not provide all your needs, yes, and more?  What do you say?  Will you contend with Me?

I command you, grow in love and fellowship with Me and one another.  Build a true community of believers.  One that will withstand the coming storm, one that will pass the test of the Rock of Ages.  Come!  Will you not trust in Me?

I tell you the truth, nothing will change until you are transformed into my image.  Nothing will change until you are removed from the company of the harlot.  But if you are willing, I will work such a change amongst you, that you will be left awed in My power.  Do you think I cannot do it?  Test me, and see, for the Lord is good.

You have insurance, you have wealth.  Many indeed are your barns.  But they will not save you in the Day of the Lord.  Trust in the One who can save.

Can you have any gods before Me?  Can anything stand in My presence?  Foolish people!  Do you think you can claim God and mammon both?  Have you not read, do you not understand?  You cannot serve both Gods.  I the Lord your God am a jealous God and I will stand no other.  I will tolerate no idols in my presence.  Does light have fellowship with darkness?  No!

You ask, so what are our gods?  You know, and I know.  There is no change, unless it be that you are ‘richer’ still.  How many coats must you have?  Two are no longer enough, you must have yet more.  Rid yourself of these!  Put out all greed, lust, avarice and the wicked love of money.  See, I call you to a new thing!

Repent!  For I know your sins, the unregenerate places in your hearts.  I know what lies cold and dead.  I am the Lord who can still make dry bones live!  So arise!  Put these things out of your hearts, and repent.  Am I not the Lord who saved you, who died for you?  I can and will rescue you from the miry pit.  I will set your feet on solid rock, and I will give you a hope and future.

What must you do?  Trust and obey me.  Leave behind your old life, and turn to the new that I will give you.

So then my people, I call you out.  I set before you two paths.  The broad, gentle, easy path that leads to destruction.  Or the narrow path, the hard path, the rocky mountainous path that leads to the city of God.  Do not be deceived!  It is not easy.  It was never intended to be easy.  It is not a path you can follow in your own strength.  But you will have all that you need for the journey.  My Spirit Himself will nurture you.

Now is the day of the Lord!  Now are my purposes and plans come to fruition.  I will move upon this land again and my elect will hear My call.

I the Lord your God have spoken and I call you out!

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8 Responses to The spirit of the age

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  5. Faithwalk says:

    Peter, this brought me to tears… This MUST be reposted, perhaps I can post it on my site with a link to yours?
    I do not think it had the readers it deserved…
    It is an important word from the Lord.

    What are your thoughts?



  6. Peter says:

    Yes, please do repost. This to me in many ways is a key or foundational prophecy. I have wondered whether to reintroduce it. Perhaps I’ll put it up as a permanent page link……


  7. faithwalk says:

    Yes! a permanent page would be good.
    And since it’s ok with you, I am going to repost it. 🙂



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