Prophetic words for this day, part 9

I write this choice on your hearts,
Life, or Death,
Hope, or Despair,
In the ink of eternity.

What I write,
No man can erase,
I wrote the stars,
I can write your heart.

When the Story that is being written,
Is opened, and read,
Where will you be?
The Story, from which all stories are written,
Where will you be?

Be not deceived,
As I am the Author,
So also the Perfecter,
The Story is Mine.

So, what part will you play?
As the Story is written,
The choice is given you,
To write with Me,
Or to write that which will fail.

To write letters on the ground in pale ash,
Now here, now blown away in a swirl of wind.

Or to write letters in fire,
Burned into the soul of the universe,
Letters that will pass into eternity,
For nothing perishes that resides in Me.

What if your story is over tomorrow? What kind of story might it be?

Do not trust in what can be seen, in the comfortable, in the familiar; rather trust in the Unseen One on whose scales everything is measured.

10th April 2007

I saw a tranquil subtropical scene, lush greenery, a house amongst the growth. At the same time I saw as an immediate backdrop an enormous pyroclastic cloud that was about to sweep through this scene, taking all before it.

One moment, the greenery, the buildings, tranquility. The next, destruction – all is swept away.

I was aware of the immediate nature of the event, how everything appears peaceful, the same as normal, and then it all suddenly changes.

I saw the need to prepare – not trusting in our immediate surroundings and the false sense of security that it gives – but to see in the Lord and prepare in Him, to be secure in Him ahead of this time.

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7 Responses to Prophetic words for this day, part 9

  1. Though I often stammer regarding the things of the Lord, I too have seen this sudden clamity about to spring on the unsuspecting billions.

    A marvelous hatred for who I am is etched in my soul, as if letters scratched with a diamond on a granite rock. This hatred is my kindred friend. He is “MORE”! He alone is the Righteous One of God and man. And to Jesus is all Glory, Honor, Praisse, and Strength for eternity. For He alone is worthy; both in heaven and earth.

    By His Grace.


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  3. I do know who, and whose I am. Yes. The comment was a lament regarding the flesh. And it was directed at the experience of knowing who He is, yet being locked in this fleshly vessel with eyes of faith alone.

    I am your brother, though perhaps 100 times removed. Did you not recognize me?


  4. I come to you presented as words. And my heart is laid bare to either love, reject, or hate. And your brother has watched you dance that same dance. If we met face to face, what is presented here would be hidden. But here we expose ourselves for all the world to see. A handshake says nothing but “hi”. But our words unveil our very heart.

    You have my love and admiration for the work of the Lord within you. And you have my earnest prayer of strength from He who sees all.


  5. What I said will probably make more sense to you if I confess that I mistook the name of your post for your reply to me. Ok. So I woke up hoping I would be a little more smart than was reasonable to expect. Perhaps I’ll go to bed having gathered a tid bit of common sense.


  6. Peter says:

    My apologies – I have not checked the comments as much as I would like; my notifications are not working properly – hopefully that will have been fixed now.

    Thanks for your reply/s. My comment was meant as a referal, and yes to address your original comment – hopefully in a positive way. I understand better what you have said now. Blessings,



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