A vision today, on persecution.

There really are two kinds of persecution. It is as if we are standing on a Rock – Jesus Christ, while around us swirl the waters of the world. In the bay next to us the waves crash and roar, the persecution both physical and intense.

For us it is different, more insidious. An undertow that constantly tries to pull us off, away, out to sea and our destruction. The waters appear calm, but it is deceptive. No crashing waves. Nevertheless the persecution is oh so real, just that we do not perceive it for what it is because it is less visible.

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5 Responses to Persecution

  1. cindyinsd says:

    Interesting point, Peter. I too have been pondering on the nature of persecution. Haven’t come to an understanding yet, but this will add valuable insights to the mix. Thanks! And thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments which added great value to the discussion. Honestly, you should post them as a blog–they were truly inspired.

    Love, Cindy


  2. Stuck in Toronto says:

    In the last 100 years and specifically in the Anglican communion in the past 40 years a circumstance has culminated in the “division” of Anglicanism in North America. What I find most shocking about this is the rapidly increasing and recent awareness (obviousness) of the hand of the evil one (your info Post “Declaration of War etc), (The obvious capturing of Bishops and Priests who at one time stood first and foremost for Christ). This evil has always been with us but in earlier times was more like your “vision of persecution” I believe, that in this time we can now see the waters rippling and in fact the appearance of “calm waters” (deception) is no longer. “For he knoweth he has but a short time”.
    With respect Peter – Let those who have eyes to see – see.
    As far as persecution is concerned we join with the disciples and share this necessity for the Glory of God, The Kingdom of Heaven, and the Way, Truth,and Life that is Christ Jesus.


  3. Peter says:

    You’re welcome Cindy, glad my comments added something to the discussion.


  4. Stuck in Toronto says:

    Peter; is it possible that the circumstances, tools and instruments, of your “persecution both physical and intense.” is even now upon our shores?


  5. Peter says:

    Yes, it is quite possible!


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