2008 is the year of the gate (Mark Stibbe prophecy)

Just a little something below from Mark Stibbe that I thought you might find encouraging – I did! Perhaps a small ‘ouch’ moment as I hear of yet another kind of anointing, but hey, I’ll be generous and let that pass 😉 .

Pass through, pass through the gates!
Prepare the way for the people.
Build up, build up the highway!
Remove the stones.
Raise a banner for the nations.
Isaiah 62:10

In Hebrew, the number eight is rendered by the letter CHET, which is depicted in the form of a GATE

The number eight is related to new starts and new life in the Scriptures –
Eight is the number of the gate… And I sensed the Holy Spirit saying this:

2008 is the year of the open gate. Prepare to pass through the gate. There are new beginnings ahead for those who have been waiting patiently for their moment to come. Obstacles are being removed. The Father is breaking his children out of a sense of captivity to past restrictions. The anointing for new beginnings is on many in this year. The time of frustration and exile is coming to an end. This is the Lord’s time for his people to rise up and follow him through the gates of opportunity. New starts are looming. Many are on the point of experiencing the new life that convergence brings. And the true church – even though it will know many trials – is on the point of experiencing new life, a new season of vitality and creativity, a brand new Reformation. A highway is being built, stones are being removed, and a banner is being raised for the nations.

So get ready… and do not be afraid. Do not be anxious. 2008 is the year of the gate… And there is a BREAKER ANOINTING on those who are pushing up to the threshold of their opportunity:

One who breaks open the way will go up before them;
they will break through the gate and go out.
Their king will pass through before them,
the LORD at their head
Micah 2:13

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12 Responses to 2008 is the year of the gate (Mark Stibbe prophecy)

  1. white rabbit says:

    Not having heard Mark’s sermon on the subject I find that his introduction reads more like a horoscope for the New Agers with his new beginnings and new starts. While we do get those through Christ I don’t see 2008 as having any significance for new beginnings except for those who will be wiped out in the mortgage debacle and have to start over again.
    Christians certainly should be “raising a banner for the nations” but I doubt very much if this is the year that our exile comes to an end. The only Christians that seem to want an end to come are the crazies (IMHO) that want the Palestine blown to kingdom come so that they can get raptured while the Jews go to hell. And the only new highway being built over here is the NAFTA Superhighway from Mexico to Canada and designed to smash the longshoreman’s union and flood the country with more job destroying cheap goods.
    I can’t think of any reason for God to give us a reformation this year, True, one can always hope but I don’t think prophecy will unfold that way. Mark is certainly correct about “get ready” and “do not be afraid” but I think his timing is for the birds.


  2. Peter says:

    Well, you are of course free to make of it what you will. I don’t like some of the ‘anointing’ language personally, but I do know Mark a little, and I’ve read some of his stuff – he does seem to have his head screwed on the right way, so I’m happy enough to post it.

    As well, it’s an encouragement prophecy, not directive or corrective – therefore the penalty for it being wrong isn’t so great. Anyways, it spoke to me, if for no other reason than we are very much in a place of waiting for new beginnings, in a number of areas. Call it wishful thinking if you like 😉 .

    Oh, one other thing. I think this might be just part of the picture. I certainly see new life in the church, revival etc. But I can only see it in the context of judgment and apostasy.


  3. white rabbit says:

    Hi Peter,
    I don’t see new life in the church but that is besides the point. You go to a lot of effort to post for us and i think you deserve a comment or two in return. How else do we learn? It’s a blog. Who cares if I am right or wrong. It’s the bishops, especially, who always have to be right, followed by their clergy spouting off from their pulpits. As for me; I’m just having a chat over coffee between stints at the coal face of earning a living.
    Keep up the good work and even though things are going to get a lot worse keep the Faith because all these things must happen (sayeth Someone else).


  4. Pauline Bettney says:

    Peter – over at Generals International they explain the year of the Gate – 8 – in a little more detail. Personally, I will take any good news at the moment so thank you for sharing. Kingston is hosting the Impact World Tour on April 3-6 which is for the unchurched youth, and our Church is in the black to start 2008. Two things to thank God for.


  5. code says:

    thanks for sharing peter.


  6. Peter says:

    Hello white rabbit – I appreciate your comments, glad to have to stop by 🙂

    Thanks Pauline, perhaps I’ll have to have a looksee over there….

    As ever, you are most welcome code!


  7. Ulrike says:

    Hi Pete (and everyone else)
    I was actually quite encouraged by this prophecy.
    You have to understand that the context for this is new thinking in terms of how to live the authentic Christian life. At his church in Chorleywood, England, Mark has, in the autumn hosted a 3-day conference about the coming of the Kingdom and the speaker was Bill Johnson. I have listened to the CDs of that conference and boy, what a message!
    I strongly recommend you read some of Bill Johnson’s stuff or visit his website – his message is in my mind very anointed and largely this: as Christians we have the authority and power to live as Jesus did, living as he did as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven (which by the way is now and not just when we die!) and through the power of the Holy Spirit living in a supernatural way as we live our everyday lives (as Jesus did and as the disciples and the early Church did too on many occasions). He is calling the Church as a whole to get away from religion and start living in the light of the Kingdom.
    I have been challenged beyond expression by his message and my heart just longs for more of God and more of authentic Christianity, more of Jesus in the ordinary places of our lives, our towns, our cities.
    So Mark’s prophecy encourages me loads as I long for more of God and more of his Spirit in my day to day life – I want to see supernatural things happen because I am living in the power of the Spirit! I want to show the world Jesus!

    Anyway, not sure how this all sits with readers of this blog … to me it sounds very sound and very exciting …
    new life in the Church as we step out and live in the power of the Spirit who lives in us and empowers us , new life as we show the world what God is really like, new life as we out aside our divisive doctrines and focus on Jesus and bring Jesus out into the world in a tangible way that is understood by those outside … I personally can’t wait!


  8. Trond says:

    Hi. Im a Norwegian student age 25. I love hearing this prophesy. I believe a great revival soon will take place here in Oslo, Norway. We have been gathered people from many denominations and christian confessions in prayer for seven years, almost every week. God has prepared our hearts during this time.

    But Lord: may it happen when you want. You are always on schedule. While many churches in Norway seems to die in conflicts and discussion, You are still in control Lord. And four days late for the funeral of Lazarus was still on time! Amen


  9. Peter says:

    Hello Ulrike – thanks for dropping by 🙂 I’m with you indeed, better the Kingdom life than following a religion. I think the latter may well get stripped away from us by circumstances anyway……

    Hello Trond, again thanks for dropping by. I wonder that you might get the desire of your heart, though perhaps in circumstances that will try many. And, as you say, it’ll be in His time only. But, for truth, seven years of prayer will go a long way!


  10. Elektra says:

    I enjoyed this post very much, and I agree it’s time to forget about religion, it just seperates us all in to different groups. I think that God and our Lord Jesus Christ would want to see us all unified as one. A new beginning of one world family, bringing the kingdom of heaven on to the earth and living it, breathing it, being love, spreading love and peace and harmony, for thine is the kingdom and the glory , for ever and ever and ever AMEN.


  11. Trond says:

    Yes Elektra. Lets unify like the first Christians: “All the believers were one in heart and mind”. (Acts 4). Its not about a religion, its about a relationship with the living God.


  12. onellussy says:

    I highly enjoyed reading this post, keep up making such interesting articles.


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