Ontario court says boy can have dad, mom — and mom

See here.

Our descent into perfidity and chaos continues, marriage and family are redefined as anything, and thereby nothing. There are no more boundaries. We erode the most basic societal bedrocks in our single-minded drive to enshrine dysfunction. There is a saying about sowing to the wind…

The bit I found particularly bizarre was here:

“There is no doubt that the legislature did not foresee for the possibility of declarations of parentage for two women, but that is a product of the social conditions and medical knowledge at the time,” they wrote.

Apparently medical knowledge has now changed so that now, as opposed to 30 years ago, it is possible that two women can give ‘birth’ to the same child? Miraculous indeed.

God forgive us for what we are doing.

UPDATE: I suppose that they might have been talking about an egg donor and host mother when referring to ‘medical knowledge’. Not that it makes things any better….

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7 Responses to Ontario court says boy can have dad, mom — and mom

  1. mcalmond says:

    Good post, but sad, as well. Lord have mercy on us all!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!


  2. Peter says:

    Indeed, God forgive us.


  3. Dan says:

    Does Canada allow polygamy? If they allow this type of polyamory why not polygamy.


  4. Peter says:

    Don’t start me. That’s next on the ‘we’ll never do THAT……’ agenda. They’re already starting to talk about it. It’s a little like boiling a frog (not that I’ve ever tried, ahem), do it slowly and the animal doesn’t even know it’s being cooked.

    Trouble is, most folk don’t even care.


  5. Marty says:

    I’ve often wondered how exactly “separate is supposed to be equal” with regards to two moms or two dads versus one of each. I guess all pretense has been dropped in Canada — “who said anything about equality??? We’re talking about ‘whats best for kids’ despite the rediculously sexist notions of the man and woman who created them”!



  6. Dan says:

    Peter, I think this might be part of the Storm that’s coming that you referred to earlier.
    I beleive this is going to get uglier and uglier as people become more animalistic with sex issues. I thought things were dark when I was growing up in the Vietnam/Watergate/Cold War era; but that was nothing compared to this. Pray for our children because they will take the brunt of this assault. Just a matter of time before the revisionst wings ofthe mainline denominations will be protesting forr polyamorous rights as a justice issue; perhaps even pedophilia- Our societies deserve what ever judgement we get.


  7. Peter says:

    My children are yet young, the oldest 9. The times that they, and we, inherit – well I wish, like Frodo, that we had not lived to see these times.

    Neverthless, God is faithful, above and beyond the current catastrophes. And it is not as if we have not been warned ahead of time, eh?


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