Do you not know who you are?

This word was given to me in August 2004. It is the companion word to the spirit of the age:

Do you not know who you are?

With one prayer, you can change the world.
My beloved, before all creation
Bought with a price
Glittering and Holy
Called by name

Do you think I do not know you?
Heart and soul I do
Eternal and forever
Exquisite crystal
Perfect in purity

Do you not know who you are?

My love for you passes beyond bearing
Beyond meaning
Never encompassed
Never changing
Earnestly I sought you
Found you
And I bear you home

Do not gaze down on lowly trinkets
Things of no worth
See, behold your Treasure.
See, I call you home, my beloved

Do you not know who you are?

Before you came to be, I knew you and loved you
Sent my Son to die in your place
To pick up your pieces
To make the broken new

Do not be troubled, or downcast
All these things I knew from the beginning
Who is there to debate with Me?

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15 Responses to Do you not know who you are?

  1. HokiePundit says:

    I’m from a traditionalist Anglican background, and while I’m open to the idea of charismata such as prophecy and tongues, I’ve never seen anything which I could look at and simply say “this is obviously the work of the Holy Spirit.” Would you be kind enough to explain “how it all works” ? When you say a word comes to you, what is it like? Are we talking about a booming voice and the clouds parting, a compulsion to write (or say) something specific, perhaps a trance-like utterance, or something else?


  2. Peter says:

    You know, I’d got half way through an answer to your question, and I just lost it all. Humph…

    OK, I’ll try again, though I may need to be a bit brief. Perhaps I’ll put a fuller answer in a seperate post very soon.

    Me, I come from a scientific background. Churchwise, Anglican with some Baptist free-church type thrown in. Certainly not the pentecostal/charismatic side that one might think of at first. From my point of view, I am a most unlikely person to have this gifting.

    The gift was given, and accepted (with cost!) probably 4-5 years ago. As said, I’ll elaborate further later (if there’s any interest, that is) 😉

    How can I explain it? It is like trying to explain what the colour blue looks like. And I can only speak for myself, others experience may differ. So, for me, it is a little like Jeremiah said, like a fire in the bones.

    I wouldn’t say that I get an audible word or anything.

    This is hard…..lets just say that sometimes it is as if the glass we all see through dimly is less dim, and I experience in some way the glory of the Lord, just a fraction, a slither. And I could take no more, for that glory is awesome…I have no words. The burning heart of holiness, a love that would strip you to your bones, and then sear them to powder, is but a fraction of that Reality. Holiness, love, judgment, mercy and justice, they are not distinguished. How I understand the OT prophets now – switching between the heart of burning judgment and the heart of burning love. They are one and the same thing.

    Sometimes, just to be infected for a moment with that heart, how can a man not prophesy? It would be easier to stop breathing! Then the coldness and indifference of men hit me, and it is deeply painful…I said there was a cost.

    Sometimes I have described it as if the Lord gives me an outline of what is on His heart, and I have words that are like jigsaw pieces that, when put into place, approximate the outline that He showed me in my spirit.

    I hope this helps something in understanding what this is, at least for me. I beleive that the Lord is calling such gifts into being again as the world grows dark. I know how the world treats the prophetic. But the words must be spoken nontheless. If not me, then others. Perhaps some may listen. I can do no other than speak what I am given, God help me.

    Sorry, perhaps this is a little heavy. You may regret asking!


  3. faithwalk says:

    I just happened on this post, being new here…
    but you so beautifully and eloquently described this gift, something I haven’t ever quite been able to find the words for. Even still, as it is we see but a glimpse beyond the veil, there is so very much more to the awesome glory of our Lords presence…
    and for those who are prophetic, there is such a responsibility; to speak only that which is truly from the Spirit, yet be faithful to speak it regardless of the personal cost.
    Bless you for your obedience!


  4. Peter says:

    You’re most welcome 🙂 I dropped by and commented on your blog too.

    I’m thinking that you also move in the prophetic?


  5. joseph says:

    Thanks for your explanations, Peter. I would look forward to a larger post on this topic.


  6. Peter says:

    Yup, might just do that soon!


  7. faithwalk says:

    Yes Peter, by Gods grace this is true. I am interested in your story of how God brought you into this gift, this grace…
    and Thanks for stopping by the blog! I am still trying to figure the thing out as you could probably tell, but enjoying it none the less. Wish we would have had one while we were overseas!


  8. Peter says:

    Well, OK, I’ll work on putting a page up explaining a bit more….


  9. mrsfalstaff says:

    Do you think I do not know you?
    Heart and soul I do
    Eternal and forever
    Exquisite crystal
    Perfect in purity

    Humph. I know what I am, and it aint that.


  10. Peter says:

    I know, I know; but in Him – you are! 🙂


  11. mrsfalstaff says:

    Not in this life, Peter.


  12. Peter says:

    Welcome to the paradox, for you are, even as you are not. I know my state in the natural, I’ve not got rose-tinted specs, I’ve got 4 kids for goodness sake, and there’s nothing like kids to remove the delusions of ones own state. 😉

    What I’m trying to represent here is how God sees us, in Christ, as part of His Bride, the Church. Bearing Christ within us, we are all these things. That is what God sees, even as He knows us in the natural. All our sins are blotted out by the blood.

    Oops, this sounds a bit like preaching. The point is, there is a paradox – the kingdom of heaven is both the now and the not yet. You are perfected even as you are imperfect. As your heart is in Christ, and His in yours – that is what He sees.


  13. mrsfalstaff says:

    “I’ve got 4 kids for goodness sake, and there’s nothing like kids to remove the delusions of ones own state. ”

    Don’t I know that! I have four boys, and I mentioned that I was looking forward to our parish women’s retreat, and the eldest said “So are we”. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm.


  14. Peter says:

    Heh, a vote of confidence if I ever heard one 🙂


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